Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a weekend.......

This weekend was so full of entertainment. It was a 10 year all class reunion for all classes that graduated from my school. It is not a very big school, but there were a lot of people that went to that small town little school. In my class when I graduated there were three of us, me and two boys named Brian. A few years later, our school only one graduating senior this senior was invited to be on the Jay Leno show for the small class to graduate. It was nice to see people I haven't seen in a very long time. Not only was it reunion weekend, but the Roy rodeo was this weekend as well. My family are teamropers and have been involved in the rodeo every since I can remember. My brother and his son won the team roping event which was great. My nephew is pretty good and my brother has well. At one point in time, my brother was consider the best in the state. So neither of his boys or him have trouble finding partners to rope with. They also had an event where one person had to rope a steer and the other person had to get a ribbon that was tied to steers tail off and run back to the finish line. It was so funny because the arena was wet and clumpy pretty hard to run in so some of them ended up crawling to the finish line. The catch was you had to be at the finish line in 30 seconds. My brother and his partner almost won that too until one of my friends ended up crawling back to the finish line and won it. He said they won about $190 bucks no bad for not having to pay anything.
While I was in Roy playing, we had a tornado in Billings. It did not hit my place, but it sure was close. It hit a place called the Metra park arena which is the biggest place in town. It is where all the concerts, PBR, football, monster trucks, and events like that are held. There isn't much left of the building and it hit other buildings as well. So far I haven't heard if anyone was hurt so that is a good thing. It was scarying coming home wondering if my home would still be there or not. In January of 2008, my sons and I lived through a tornado that hit a building right next to our home. It was the scarest thing ever and everything happened so fast. Here it is the season for them. It is strange because you can see them but they normal don't touch down. Some how someone caught it on video and it is on youtube. So if any of you want to see it check it out and see how wicked one of those things are. That was my weekend in a nut shell for the most part, now back to the grind of catching up on homework and getting for a new week of school and work. From what little I have seen, a lot of people had an exciting weekend. Happy Fathers day to any of you who are fathers or who have had to play the part.

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