Monday, June 14, 2010

How School has affected my life.......

Since starting school my schedule has changed significantly. My first term I took three classes, which was alot of work. One of my classes was only worth one or two credits and I had more homework in that class then my other two put together. I was drowning in school work. Having so much homework, I would get up at 3:30 in the morning and stay up til around 10:00 just so I could get my work done. My poor son was being negected. Boy did I feel bad. I knew if I got up early and stayed up later while he slept I could get more work done. But then it was take on toll on my body, since having fibromyalgia I need my rest and sleep. I was making myself sick, but school is important to me and I knew if I could make it through the first term I would make through the whole program. My first term I did make the dean's list and I was so proud of myself. Studying and being hard on myself to get my work done on time paid off. I lived and breathed school. Most nights I would wake up all stressed out over school work that needed to be done and couldn't go back to sleep so I would just get up and do it. I am not even real sure how I did it but I did and it paid off.
Now that I have gotten use to having school work plus working full time and being a full time single mother it isn't so bad. Yes there are weeks that a more demanding because of more school work. Also I give myself more social time now let's say working with my flowers and playing with my son. For the most part I don't have a social life but I do occasionaly get to a football game and go fishing now that it is nice outside.
There is a commercial on TV advertiseing Kaplan and there is a scene when the mother is saying to your child something of the effect about getting an education and having a career and how she gets to the spend the rest of her life with him being sucessful. I tell my son see that that is how we will be. I will have a job that maybe my mind will be tired when I come home and not my body hurting so bad I can't move.
Going back to school has changed my life in a good way. It is still hard but in the end it will all be worth it. It also helps my son too, because he knows some of the home work from health class so we can study together. That in its self is worth it. He is a very smart boy and some day he has mentioned that maybe he will do sports medicine for injuried sport players. My going back to school has shown him how important good grades mean and how it can be fun. Maybe I have a doctor on my hands and he can support his mom when he gets older??? Who knows but right now I love him for just the way he is and college is still a ways off, but the time will go by fast enough.

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  1. Charlene - I love the image of you and your son studying together!