Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remember what Memorial Day is all about.......

Today it is sunny so far and seems to be a good day to go fishing. We had a storm go through so the fish should be biting. For me fishing is a good stress reliever, because you can sit and just let your mind wonder and see all beauty in nature. I only wish my oldest could be here to go fishing with us. He is over fighting in a war and they have moved him to only God knows and can not call or get on the computer to talk. It is suppose to be only for a month, a month is a long time not to hear from him to know that he is ok and safe. To top it off when he got to call and tell me they were moving him, I missed his phone call so only got the message. This has been really bothering me because he doesn't get to call very often as it is. There was several weeks that all communications were shut down because there were some fatalites this prevents family members finding out before the military can tell the families. School helps me keep my mind from worrying about him, but then we get to blog and write about stuff that is going on in our lives. Maybe it would be good for me to concentrate more on writing about my paper and the research, but I woke up this morning thinking of my son and how much he loves to fish.
The papers that everyone are writing about are so very interesting. For the most part, it seems that someone knows someone or has a family member touched by all the topics that have been picked. I know myself am excited about reading them and learning about several of them if not all of them. Everyone have a great weekend and be safe!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who are you? Barb help!!

This is not my post for credits, but I am having troubles trying to figure out who is who. I can see a face and I can read the blog, but I have no idea who it is. There are no names on the blog pages just their sign in names or user ID's. How can I figure out who is who?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another week down!!!

When I was younger and the older folks would say " Time Flies " I didn't believe them. Now that I am a little older :) , they were right. Mondays are so busy for me then tuesdays are the same and before I know it is Friday and time to clock out. Thank goodness for the weekends though. To bad they are only two days off though, I know I could use five days off and two days of work. I work at a gas plant. I am the only woman who has ever worked there since it came about. We supply welding gases to medical gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. It is a very phsyical job lifting alot of weight a cylinder of gas can weight up to 175 lbs. My job is very stressful also. I do most of the managers job and my job as well. Then when things get crazy like they have been for almost a year, I help other guys do their jobs too. I am a grunt worker getting grunts pay and I pretty much run the place. I guess I am venting alittle, but when I am so busy "Time" really does fly. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh my!!

Only the first week of this term and I am learning so much already. So far I am really enjoying both of my classes. It is so nice to just have two classes instead of three and truely enjoy some me time and do school work.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello Classmates,

Setting up my blog was alot easier then I thought it would be. Hope to hear from all of you and to visit all of your blogs as well.

Best of Luck,