Monday, June 7, 2010

Nice Weekend.........

Friday didn't start out so great. Called in sick was not feeling well at all and on top of that I could barely move. It was definitely a bad fibro day. It was also last day of school so my son came walking home singing " Schools out forever!" It was cute I told him for him it should be summer and not forever. He is excited this year for summer. He doesn't have to go spent it in Indiana with his dad. We have plans so do some horse back riding in the mountains, take in a rodeo or two, and of course a lot of fishing. Yesterday we went fishing. It was a beautiful day a little over cast, but it was nice not to hot or to chilly. On the first cast out, he caught a huge tree on the top limb. That was the catch of the day, because on the third cast (after re-rigging his pole) he caught the same tree on the same limb. lol Poor thing was getting upset with his catches. So finally after I got my pole set up to fish, we moved where there were no trees near by. The boats were having fun and making the water muddy so the fishing was great. It was nice though to get out of town and away from house work and school work.
Saturday night my sister and her husband had us over for baby back ribs. mmmummmmm.... Man were they good. She had got a new gazebo with curtains. It was just beautiful so we ate under that and with very full bellies sat around telling stories.
Now it is Monday again and I am scared of what is waiting for me at work. Mondays are a rat race and since I wasn't there friday and the boss was gone in the afternoon so I am sure every thing is a total disaster. At least this morning my fibro isn't doing to bad since I rested this weekend, so I can run around like a chicken with my head cut off. Isn't it to bad that we have to work to have money for fun and not the other way around?

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  1. Charlene - sounds like a fun weekend! Glad you're feeling better.