Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rafting trip

Finally we went rafting yesterday. Oh what fun my son had and I did too. I was so excited for him and was so tickled to watch him having so much fun. He was a little nervous at first but when he got splashed by the first wave of water the yahooing was on. He even sat on the very front of the raft and rode out a very good rapids. There were a couple of times he disappeared in the waves, but he was still there when it calmed down. We even did a little cliff jumping. I even actually jumped off the cliff into the river. Not sure if being in the sun affected me or I thought I was young again, but it sure was fun. And, I wasn't even scared to jump off into the river which totally amazes me. Must have been the sun, because I sure am feeling old today.
Looking forward to having a week off from school. Sure will miss this class and my classmates. I will miss you to Barb. You are a great prof. and mentor. To all my classmates I wish you all the best on your papers and your future. Sure am looking forward to seeing all of you next term who are in my classes and hopefully the rest of you in future classes.
Have a great week........


  1. Charlene - you are much braver than I am - I don't think I would jump off a cliff at this point in my life!! Good for you, it sounds like a blast. Thank you - you are a motivated and committed student and I wish you all the best as you continue with Kaplan and beyond! Be sure to keep in touch and let me know how you're doing.

  2. Thank you Barb. My sister won't jump and I told her whe was a whimp. She has jumped in the pass so she told me "in 6 yrs we'll see if you jump". She is 6 yrs older then me. So hopeful in 6 yrs and I can still be brave enough to jump just to prove she is growing old before her time. ps My goal is to get in the Dean's list every term if not better. So far so good.