Friday, May 21, 2010

Another week down!!!

When I was younger and the older folks would say " Time Flies " I didn't believe them. Now that I am a little older :) , they were right. Mondays are so busy for me then tuesdays are the same and before I know it is Friday and time to clock out. Thank goodness for the weekends though. To bad they are only two days off though, I know I could use five days off and two days of work. I work at a gas plant. I am the only woman who has ever worked there since it came about. We supply welding gases to medical gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. It is a very phsyical job lifting alot of weight a cylinder of gas can weight up to 175 lbs. My job is very stressful also. I do most of the managers job and my job as well. Then when things get crazy like they have been for almost a year, I help other guys do their jobs too. I am a grunt worker getting grunts pay and I pretty much run the place. I guess I am venting alittle, but when I am so busy "Time" really does fly. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!


  1. Hi Charlene,
    Your job sounds very demanding. Have you ever watched the movie "North Country"? The movie is about women joining the work force in a primarily man's job. Hopefully your work environment is nothing like the women in that movie! Is there some danger related to your job because of working with gasses? Also, what is your goal when you complete your schooling? Have a great weekend!

  2. Yes Kathleen my job is very demanding and very dangerous. Oxygen is very flammable and so is acetylene. One spark in the acetylene room could be the end of half of my city. My goal after I finish my assc. is to go on to get my bachelors while working at my new job. :) My job right now is very interesting, but the work is very hard on my body along with all the demands made of me or expected of me.
    What are you plans and what is it you are going for? I am HIT. What kind of work do you do now? Have a Great and Sunny weekend!!

  3. Hi Charlene,

    You are so very right about time flying by. I remember my parents and grandparents telling me to make the most of things because when you get older time seems to fly by and you can never catch it again. It just seems as you get older our schedules get busier and we don't have time to just sit and relax the time away. I cherish vacation time with the family but it feels like you do more work for everyone else during vacation and then when you get home, you need a vacation from the vacation you just had. :) You job sounds so very difficult physically. You are one in a million because I do not know many women who could do what you do everyday without breaking down or quitting. I think you need a pay raise if you are doing additional work besides your own. Well, maybe when you are done with classes and graduate from Kaplan, you will get a job that pays better and appreciates yuou for the hard worker you are. You have a great weekend! Enjoy yourself!


  4. Thank you so much Missie. People tell my boss almost every day that I should get paid more and he says "Wish I could". It is in his hands so why doesn't he? I get very frustrated with whole situation. My weekend was good played to much in the yard and not enough time on homework, but I will get it done. Hope your weekend went well too!!